About us

Hokibolt opened in 1997 in the capital of Hungary – Budapest, to serve the – back then – pretty small, but not properly covered ice hockey market. At that time we were the only store selling ice hockey equipment and all related accessories, parts serving the individual players and teams in Hungary.

Since more and more ice rinks have been built around the country, the sport has largely gained popularity in Hungary. Now some of the Hungarian players are recognized even on the International level and Team Hungary has accomplished some remarkable results considering the still relative small ice hockey home market and the lack of traditions. Hundreds of kids start playing ice hockey each year and there is a great chance that in 10-15 years Hungary will be a solid top 16 team in the world.

If you visit Hungary, you are welcome to drop by at our store personally and experience our friendly and professional service, not to mention our wide selection and competitive prices. You can also shop at our online store and find reasonable shipping costs to most European countries. Please contact us for any inquires or further assistance.